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What’s even better than a Christmas tree at the holidays?

A French pastry tree, of course! The traditional French croquembouche (“crunch in the mouth”) is a classic dessert of choux pastry balls piled in a cone shape and drizzled with caramel. It’s traditionally served at weddings, but it’s perfect for serving on any special occasion. The easiest way to make a croquembouche is to go to Maison Parisienne and buy several dozen choux pastries to assemble yourself. Or, if you want the full experience, you can make choux pastry yourself. It’s a delicate operation, so you may want to make a few practice tries before you serve it to company. Don’t worry, you can eat the mistakes.

A crunch, chewy French baguette is good in any season

Bread. It’s simple, it’s hearty, it’s a staple of every cuisine on earth. Yet the French baguette is arguably the queen of breads, perfect for sandwiches or with soup, salads, stews, or simply on its own. As the cold weather moves in, we all need more baguettes in our lives. Since you can’t yet enjoy a delicious, fresh-baked baguette from Maison Parisienne, you might even try making one on your own.

A French Christmas celebration is always classy and delicious

‘Tis the season for the city to get all lit up with the spirit of the holidays, and no one knows how to have a joyeux noël better than the French. The Alliance Française, Chicago’s French cultural and learning center, offers a full calendar of events, celebrations and opportunities to enjoy French food and customs centered around the Christmas holiday.

There’s beef stew, and then there’s boeuf bourguignon.

There’s a reason it deserves the French pronunciation, and why it’s the dish that made Julia Child famous. Boeuf bourguignon is to beef stew as opera is to the accordion, as Molière is to Jerry Lewis (though the French like both). When prepared properly – as it always should be - boeuf bourguignon is a symphony in the mouth, a perfect harmony of flavor, texture and filling nourishment.