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Which is better for you, coffee or tea? Both contain that life-giving essence called caffeine, although the debate about caffeine’s benefits and risks has raged for centuries.

King Gustav III of Sweden was so convinced of the dangers of coffee that he devised an experiment which probably would not pass review today: he ordered that one condemned prisoner drink three pots of coffee every day, and another drink three pots of tea. He expected that the coffee drinker would die first, proving that tea was the far less dangerous beverage.

Coffee is well-known for not being fattening. It is healthy. But what about the coffees served at Starbucks?

In the morning on your way to work, in the afternoon to have a break during your shopping afternoon at Oakbrook Center of Chicago, you may stop by at Starbucks to take a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, or a Hot Chocolate ? Here are the equivalences in calories...