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When Thomas Jefferson visited Paris, he was so impressed with the macaroni gratin that he brought back a machine for making his own pasta.

He is even known to have served a “macaroni pie” at a White house state dinner in 1802. Like many Yankee Doodle dishes, this one owes a lot to its French origins. It is no coincidence that July 14, the date of France’s biggest national holiday, is also officially Macaroni and Cheese day in the U.S.

How does Chicago love to celebrate the changing seasons?

With food, of course! Fall is a great time to be outdoors in Chicago. City-dwellers and visitors from all over the world take advantage of one last chance to enjoy great weather and activities before the cold sets in. So next fall, you can pack an authentic French lunch from Maison Parisienne and pair it with some…

Chicago has a rich history of French cultural influence.

What else do Paris and Chicago have in common besides delicious French food?

A strong sense of community: Both the Windy City and the City of Light have a unique vibe that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Residents of both cities are extremely proud of their culture, history, art, language and . They also face similar misconceptions: many tourists are surprised to find that Parisians are quite friendly, or that Chicago is a safe, welcoming place for families to visit. And of course, both cities offer a variety of French food, wine, and other Francophile pleasures.