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A crunch, chewy French baguette is good in any season

Bread. It’s simple, it’s hearty, it’s a staple of every cuisine on earth. Yet the French baguette is arguably the queen of breads, perfect for sandwiches or with soup, salads, stews, or simply on its own. As the cold weather moves in, we all need more baguettes in our lives. Since you can’t yet enjoy a delicious, fresh-baked baguette from Maison Parisienne, you might even try making one on your own.

 “Eat breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince, and dine like a beggar.”

So goes the French saying, but Americans might be surprised to find that traditional French breakfasts are very light and never savory. Even King Louis XIV, who was famous for his monumental lunch and dinner banquets, preferred a breakfast consisting of nothing more than tea and broth.

When you think of French bread, do you think of the long, smooth golden loaves with a light, fluffy white inside?

American Bread If your concept of French bread looks like this, that’s a sure sign you’ve never had an authentic French baguette. While the above is the most common version of French bread you are likely to find in American supermarkets, the long slender loaves worthy of the name “French baguette” are much different.