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A spicy bean burger, a vegetarian sandwich sold in European Burger King locations

Snacking: the great American pastime

Snacking: the great American pastime

Compared to France, where meals (especially dinner) are lingered over, U.S. mealtimes can seem to be finished before they’ve begun. But how do Americans fill those long, meal-less stretches of hours?

There’s a simple answer: it’s estimated that American consume more than 30% of their daily calories through snacks.

Snacking is a great American pastime, and France is there to support its friends in their endeavors. We carry a selection of pastries, macarons, tarts and more that are perfect for storing in your desk drawer.

Perhaps Americans feel hungry sooner because they eat meals so quickly. U.S. work schedules seldom allow much time for lunch, so it’s all too easy to bolt down some fast food. But your stomach needs at least twenty minutes to feel full, so you risk either overeating or not eating enough and then feeling ravenous by 3 p.m.

The French custom of slowly savoring meals is not only more enjoyable, it’s also better for your digestion and metabolism. On the other hand, other studies supposedly demonstrate that 4-6 small meals, spread throughout the day, also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the studies might not have measured things like petites fours, eclairs and croissants, but we’re sure that at least one French snack per day is good for you.

French people, on the other hand, don’t nibble between meals at all. Of course, this is a shame considering all the wonderful French pastries that go so well with a midafternoon cup of coffee, but this is a price they are willing to pay.

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