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French salads: fresh, local and healthy

What many people think a French salad is:


What a French salad actually is:


Much like French fries, French toast and French mustard, French salad dressing just isn’t…well, French. Salads are very popular in France, and this is why you can find an enormous selection of fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables at any French grocery or market. Or is it the other way around – perhaps French salads are so popular precisely because fresh local produce is available in such abundance? Whatever the case, you deserve to taste their amazing flavor for yourself.

French salads are a feast for the eye as well as the palate

Like all Gallic cuisine, French salads are a feast for the eye as well as the palate. Vegetables of course make up the main ingredients – both the expected ones like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a few others you might not expect, such as artichoke hearts and beetroot. Many French salads also add fruit for an extra dash of color and flavor. Other ingredients may include boiled eggs, potatoes, asparagus, rice, sour cream, pasta, and various meats and cheeses, (These latter are always laid on lightly, more like condiments than the central part of the salad.)

Most French salads are given a light dash of vinaigrette dressing made with shallots, mustard, wine vinegar, oil and seasonings. You could be forgiven for thinking of this type of dressing as Italian – after all, the Italians borrowed it from the French!

Don’t forget that Maison Parisienne offers a choice selection of fresh, authentic French salads – perfect for lunch or a picnic. Bon appetit!

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