French food to go

French boeuf bourguignon

Enjoy French cuisine anywhere, anytime

“French food to go” may seem contradictory, since many classic French dishes are anything but “fast food.” Some take many hours to prepare (though only minutes to devour). But now you can enjoy French cuisine from Maison Parisienne anytime, anywhere! Grab a carryout bowl of our delicious boeuf bourguignon or rich cassoulet to take home (or to work, or on a picnic) It’s the best French food to go in Chicago!

Do you know french boeuf bourguignon?

Everyone is familiar with boeuf bourguignon, the savory French beef stew. But in case you haven’t had it recently, let us refresh your memory: cubes of tender beef, braised in a red-wine reduction and slow-cooked for hours with carrots and onions………mmmmm, doesn’t that sound like the perfect lunch? Even if you don’t have time to sit and eat, you can order this delicious French dish to go. Or you might choose the cassoulet, a rich stew of white beans with pork. Both of these are excellent, especially with a thick slice of French baguette to clean up the last remnants of sauce from the bowl. Is your mouth watering at the thought?

Getting French food to go is also a lifesaver if you’re hosting a dinner party; you don’t have to spend half the day in the kitchen following a recipe with many, many steps needed to create each dish perfectly. Let Maison Parisienne do the work, while you take the credit: serve it to your guests in your own bowls and tell everyone you made it. We promise to keep your secret.



  1. […] Americans love casseroles, the perfect cold-weather food…but did you know that this Yankee classic is even better with a French twist? Cassoulet is a rich, aromatic casserole of beans, meat, celery and tomatoes. It takes its name from cassole, the cooking vessel in which it is prepared. From start to finish, cassoulet takes about 12 hours to prepare – though of course you can always order Maison Parisienne’s cassoulet to eat in or take out. […]

  2. […] Or, if you don’t have time to devote to the artistry of preparing this excellent dish, we know a place in Chicago where you can get it to go. […]

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