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Coffee and macaroon

Chicago’s Intelligentsia coffee is justifiably famous

French food and wine are justifiably famous.

In France, everything to do with eating and drinking is celebrated as an art form in itself, and café culture is a signature of Paris. Yet travelers often joke about going to France for the croissants and then crossing into Italy for coffee.

French cafes are the ideal place to have a glass of wine, or beer, or aperitif or meal…but not coffee. Yes, it’s a shameful but well-kept secret: the classic “French roast” is over-extracted and bitter to most palates (which may be why the French love to add so much sugar). Paris, however, is upping its coffee game to compete with that of major cities around the world, including (of course) Chicago.
Chicago’s very own Intelligentsia was voted one of the top five best coffee roasters in the U.S. by the serious coffee enthusiasts at Thrillist, and won the 2014 Reader’s Choice Award for best coffee in the city .

Why is it so good?

Because, unlike certain other coffee retailers, Intelligentsia offers only single-origin roasts – they don’t blend good coffee with mediocre coffee. They care more about quality than quantity. Intelligentsia also roasts its coffee beans to proper levels (which vary according to where the coffee came from and how it was processed) without burning them. You can even see this process for yourself: the Intelligentsia Roasting Works on Fulton Street offers ticketed tours of this non-retail facility, complete with tastings and a free 12-oz bag of freshly roasted (NOT burnt) coffee to take home and enjoy.
Maison Parisienne is proud to serve Chicago’s own Intelligentsia coffee, perfect for enjoying with your croissant, pastry or lunch.