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Are Starbucks’ coffees calorific? (Kcal)

Coffee is well-known for not being fattening. It is healthy. But what about the coffees served at Starbucks?

In the morning on your way to work, in the afternoon to have a break during your shopping afternoon at Oakbrook Center of Chicago, you may stop by at Starbucks to take a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, or a Hot Chocolate ? Here are the equivalences in calories…

Starbucks sells coffee – but also calories!

What is important to note here is that you have to be careful regarding invisible calories, those we do not detect. For example, adding an extra of cream in your coffee everyday may have serious consequences.

If you are counting calories, be careful what you order. It is easy to transform your morning coffee into liquid dessert.

Starbucks’ coffees are very calorific

Here is a serie of images showing you the equivalent quantities of the various coffees and teas served at Starbucks.

Almost every images have one thing in common: it is very calorific to draw away from Black Coffee ! These images come from a specialised website about coffee: I love coffee. When we compare for example with fries, it does not mean it is better to eat fries! The good thing to do is to take out some of the cream.

Damaging parallels

Compare Starbucks’ products with other savory or sweet products (drawings by I love coffee) :

Personally, I go back to black…