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Rainbow Cakes

I love colors and when I see on blogs such as Alana Jones-Mann colorful cakes, I find it wonderful!

For the moment, I do not share a lot of my readings on the Internet but I want you to know that to find some news, I surf on colleagues’ websites to sometimes find the inspiration I am lacking.

Internet offers a simple way to discover secrets places in Chicago or even better… cakes bearing the colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow cakes: it shines, it is sweet, it is so Chicago!

After making worderful cupcakes for Saint-Patrick, here is the amazing result, Alana Jones-Mann shows us how to bake a rainbow cake.

The result is quite great: a cake with each layer of a different color, it is too beautiful to be true!

All around, we can see a sweet icing also bearing the colors of the rainbow.



Rainbow cake recipe

Unfortunately I only had access to the pictures of the cake and not to the recipe. But it does not matter, I found on Youtube a video to bake a rainbow cake one layer after the other.

According to ingredients, the taste of the cake is close to the neapolitan cake’s one. Enjoy!

About Neapolitan cake, you can visit a great restaurant in Chicago called the Quartino to enjoy Italian cuisine!

Soon I will write an article about cupcakes in Chicago to find the best addresses in the city.