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Print out your pastries!

Last week I showed you the wonderful connected glasses which are going to simplify pastry baking, today discover 3D printing for your pastries!

For three years now, the geek world has been in awe of this new general public technology, that is 3D printing.

The concept is simple: you print out objects in three dimensions. Instead of spreading ink or a laser on a sheet of paper, the printer runs (or generally melts) some plastic material which create the object layer after layer.

Some creative thinkers got inspired by the movie Back to the future to build the first printer which can create objects in food!

For the moment, only shapes and color

Good. At this point in the article, I have to tell you to come back down on Earth and announce you that for the moment it is only a prototype and that it cannot create all the pastries in the World. Given that it is a layer after layer process without any solid, it will mainly be plate printing for the moment in order to decorate your plate with drawings or make a beautiful arrangement.

It is a Kickstarter project

Foodini is the first 3D food printer to print all types of real, fresh, nutritious foods, from savory to sweet. Designed for home and professional kitchens, Foodini comes with empty food capsules. You prepare and place fresh, real ingredients in Foodini. No fake food. No being forced to buy pre-filled food capsules. Made with fresh ingredients, this is real food… 3D printed.

You can invest in this project which does not take place in Chicago but Miami by clicking on this link Kickstarter.