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Macaron Creation

Macarons: the French Oreos (only better)

These light, flavorful cookies come in a rainbow of colors and flavors

At Maison Parisienne, we pride ourselves on our pastries, and none more so than our authentic French macarons. These are not the familiar pre-packaged cookies you may be familiar with; genuine French macarons are delicious concoctions of egg white and sugar that melt in your mouth, with a variety of different fillings sandwiched in between. The most popular (and our favorite) are the chocolate macarons, but you can also choose from strawberry, caramel, peanut butter, lemon, pistachio and vanilla. All are handmade with fresh ingredients and baked to perfection. Enjoy them with coffee or tea, serve them at fancy gatherings, or bring them to work to impress your boss. Fluffy and creamy, crisp yet chewy, light yet filling, macarons are a truly elegant way to have a little taste of France whenever you’re craving a sweet indulgence.

Order macarons online

Our macarons are so popular that you can order them online through Maison Parisienne’s website (Opening soon). Advance notice is not required for online orders, though it is the best way to guarantee that we can provide the amounts and flavors you need. We cannot, however, help you resist the temptation to eat them all on your way home.