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The Michelin guide and Chicago

I know that Chicago has a 3 star restaurant in the Michelin guide in 2013 : the Alinea.

However there are no distinction for the pastry chefs of those restaurants and that is a shame.

Indeed it seems that Chicago has a lot to offer regarding gastronomy in the Guide but it is quite a shame to notice that it is all about food. Not a word about the pastry chef or the chocolatier of the restaurant.

Restaurants are tested like in the 19th century

The people testing the tables do it the same way it was done at the time of the creation of the Guide : Michelin reviewers (commonly called “inspectors”) are completely anonymous; they do not identify themselves, and their meals and expenses are paid for by the company founded by the Michelin brothers, never by a restaurant being reviewed.

Sweet food is as important as savoury food in Chicago’s restaurants

But it seems that the inspectors’ meals end with cheese because we will never hear that a star was awarded partly due to the dessert : it is a shame. Today sweet food is as important as savoury food and the menu of the Alinea restaurant in terms of dessert is a proof :


The 2014 version of the well-known guide did not fill its longstanding gap. We hope that the successful pastry chefs abroad and in Chicago will increase the importance of the  pastry chef of the great restaurant in the Michelin guide for the coming years.