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Google Glass to cook or bake pastries

Google Glass is a reality for about 8 000 persons in the US. Can they be used to cook or bake pastries?

Decoding the phenomena of the moment and in particular some suggestions of use useful for our purpose: sugary food in Chicago !

What are Google Glass ?

For those who live on Mars or have very little interest in technological information, you may not know Google Glass, in development by the Californian firm for the last three years.

For a year, Google has decided to offer to 8000 lucky people the possibility to buy the Google Glass. Those glasses display a digital screen directly on the retina of the eye.

It enables to get rid of any interaction with a physical form to: read e-mails, read a map, look at pictures or watch videos. Even further, you can take pictures and record videos and even skype thanks to an embedded miniature camera.

They cost the modest sum of $1,500 and are still not available to sell because they are still in the test phase with those 8,000 persons.


Google Glass for pour la cuisine et la pâtisserie

I usually watch videos on Youtube to realise my pastry recipes and it is tiring to click on pause, go to the kitchen, come back, press play, rewind a little bit, click on pause again… but it is now over!

With those connected glasses, we can image displaying the recipe on the screen and reproduce the manipulations along with the chef. Simple e-learning where we can even imagine the video pausing on its own to give the user enough time to compare his choux pastry with the chef’s recipe.

Hurry up, I need a pair! Do you know someone in Chicago who wears a pair?