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Do you drink a lot of coffee? An app to know it!

UP Coffee, the application to manage your coffee consumption

This is a brand new iPhone application that may raise interest among regular coffee drinkers – UP Coffee.

How does it work?

up-coffee-logoThis app available only on the App Store for the moment offers you to indicate to your phone each time you drink coffee, specifying type and quantity.

The goal being to follow your consumption day after day but also to determine the time you will be able to go to bed without feeling the effect of caffeine.

First you have to indicate some information such as your height and weight in order to obtain relevant information according to your profile.

The data are processed according to a number of scientific variants and can be analysed on a period of time thanks to graphs.

To download this free app on the App Store, click here!

Coffee lovers in Chicago, who like to enjoy a cup of coffee in cafés such as the Caffe Gelato on 2034 W. Division street now know the limit not to overstep!

The coffee app to sleep better

Your coffee, your sleep. Science to help you live better.

Behind its delightful design, Jawbone’s world-class data scientists crunch numbers so you can learn about your body’s reaction to caffeine—without becoming jittery or disrupting your sleep.

Pair with UP by Jawbone to find out if afternoon pick-me-ups keep you awake at night, by how much, and what you can do to sleep more soundly. Don’t have an UP band? No problem. UP Coffee is for all.