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Cripps Pink apples, do you know this variety of sweet apples?

Apples: there are a lot of varieties known by the general public and market-lovers in Chicago !

But have you heard about the small and sweet one called Cripps Pink (Pink Lady) ?

The last apple of human selection is called Cripps Pink (Pink Lady). It is a registered trademark and a licence is required to produce this variety, then it is considered a high standard variety of apple.


Cripps Pink (Pink Lady), a very sweet Lady

This apple was created through a hybridization of  Golden Delicious and Lady Williams cultivars. That explains why it is so successful ! This variety requires a long time to grow in warm climates, that is why it is so hard to cultive in temperate climates.  These apples grow mainly in Australia and New Zealand, in Spain, in Italy and in the South East of France.

Do you care about a recipe with the well-known apple?

The apple has its own website ! You can find basic information about the production and creation of the apple. But you will also find some recipes such as the Cupid’s Apple with Gingerbread and Nuts.

About apples : friendly tip

Do not peel the fruit, just rinse it. Almost 50% of the vitamin C is in the skin. Chew well! Digestive juices are a natural appetite suppressant.

Where can you find it ?

You can find some Cripps Pinks (Pink Lady) in any supermarkets with a sufficient fruit and vegetable section for example in covered markets, such as Chicago’s French Market.