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These light, flavorful cookies come in a rainbow of colors and flavors

At Maison Parisienne, we pride ourselves on our pastries, and none more so than our authentic French macarons. These are not the familiar pre-packaged cookies you may be familiar with; genuine French macarons are delicious concoctions of egg white and sugar that melt in your mouth, with a variety of different fillings sandwiched in between.

Dress your crepes up or down for a taste of genuine French cuisine any time of the day.

Crepes - thin, crisp and delicious - are an essential part of French cuisine. In France you will find them everywhere, from elegant restaurants to simple street stalls. Although the French typically eat crepes in the afternoons and evenings, Americans have recognized that they are the perfect food for any meal; have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply as a snack. Start your day with a simple crepe with sugar, butter or fruit.