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French breads

Yogurt from breakfast

You wake up in the morning with your mind a blur, your hair all crazy, and your glucose levels at their lowest point of the day.

Coffee fixes everything (well, except your hair), but what should you have with your coffee to get ready to face the day?

The American breakfast tradition – eggs, bacon, pancakes, potatoes – owes a lot to its English and German heritage. However, some dietary experts caution against eating a large, heavy meal so soon after your body wakes up. Instead, a traditional French breakfast – simple bread and coffee – gives you the boost you need to get going without weighing you down.

How can the French eat so little for breakfast and not end up killing their coworkers before lunch?

The French believe in quality over quantity, and this is nowhere more evident than in traditional French pastries. While many people opt for a simple croissant or tartine (toasted baguette slice) with butter or jam, there are plenty of other forms of bread and pastry that are well worth getting out of bed for: pain au chocolat (chocolate-filled puff pastry that melts in your mouth), pain aux raisins (puff pastry with raisins), chausson aux pommes (similar to an apple turnover), escargot (NOT the snail – a spiral-shaped cinnamon roll with raisins or chocolate), and tarts in an almost endless varieties of fruit flavors.

Traditional French breakfast pastries are best served warm. You might add some yogurt or some fruit on the side, or even ice cream in the summertime. (Who says French breakfasts aren’t decadent?)