Traditional French breakfasts are light, sweet and energizing

French Croissant

You’re facing a long day at work, or maybe it’s your turn to bring morning treats to the office. So why not treat yourself?

A traditional French breakfast typically consists of bread or light pastries, perfect with coffee and just enough to get you going in the morning. Choose from Maison Parisienne’s wide selection of French breakfast pastries: flaky, buttery croissants, pain au chocolat (rich, chocolate-filled croissants), brioches and chouquettes (puff pastry sprinkled with sugar and filled with a variety of fillings), or even a simple tartine (toast with jam). Our classically-trained French pastry chef strives to make each item a work of art to delight the eye, the palate, and the stomach.

Other French breakfast options

Quiches and omelettes are not typically eaten for breakfast in France, but in American you can break the rules! If you’re craving something savory for breakfast, try a slice of quiche lorraine with cheese and bacon, or our delicious vegetable quiche. Or enjoy a savory cheese omelette with your choice of vegetables and/or meat. Don’t forget to add a premium coffee in order to get the full flavor of the French breakfast experience!


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