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French Croissants

The croissant: French fast food, only better

If you need a quick breakfast or lunch on the go, a croissant is the most delicious (and most traditionally French) choice.

The possibilities for croissant fillings are almost endless: cheese, ham, spinach, apples, almonds, jam, raisins, or chocolate. This latter, known as pain au chocolat, is one of Maison Parisienne’s house specialties. And of course, a classic French croissant can also be enjoyed plain, or perhaps spread with just a bit of jam. The French see no need to put butter on croissants (although Maison Parisienne has no rule against this). The buttery, flaky layered pastry is perfect on its own.

12 hours to prepare a croissant!

Croissants are popular all over the world, and there are many variations. While each culture has its own spin on the texture and flavor of its croissants, there is no mistaking the classically-prepared French version for anything else. The dough is made with yeast, flour and milk, then rolled out and spread with butter, folded in three, rolled and folded in three again, and then carefully rolled by hand into its signature shape. The most traditional recipe requires 11-12 hours to prepare the dough and let it rise and set several times. So if you don’t have half a day to devote to creating light, flaky French croissants that melt in your mouth, why not let Maison Parisienne do it for you?

Be surprised by a croissant

Croissants are surprisingly rich yet simple, light yet filling, and provide lots of energy to help you get through your morning. In Chicago, come try Maison Parisienne’s selection for yourself!