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Authentic French Baguette

French bread, American style

When you think of French bread, do you think of the long, smooth golden loaves with a light, fluffy white inside?

American Bread

If your concept of French bread looks like this, that’s a sure sign you’ve never had an authentic French baguette. While the above is the most common version of French bread you are likely to find in American supermarkets, the long slender loaves worthy of the name “French baguette” are much different.

French Bread

Unlike the puffy, uniformly-textured American-French bread, French-French bread has a dense, chewy inside and a more airy texture. Look carefully at the many holes in the French baguette; the holes are where the flavor hides.

American-French bread loaves tend to be thicker and uniformly shaped, unlike the hand-rolled French baguettes. There are a few reasons for the differences between the Yank and Franc versions of French bread: one has to do with the type of flour used (French flour is higher in protein than most flour sold in the U.S., and its gluten is less elastic), and the other with the baking method and temperature. American-French bread is baked in convection ovens, resulting in a thicker, chewier crust, while French baguettes are baked in steam ovens, which gives them a thinner, crispier crust.

Discover real french bread!

Needless to say, Maison Parisienne’s French baguettes embody the full flavor, texture and artistry of traditional French baking. Enjoy a French baguette with coffee for breakfast, pile one high with cheese, meat and vegetable for a lunchtime sandwich, or serve baguette slices with your favorite dinner entrée or salad.