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Authentic French Baguette

French baguettes

French baguettes are a classic addition to any meal

A French baguette is so much more than just bread – it’s a masterpiece of ingredients, craftsmanship, and timing. At Maison Parisienne, our baguettes are baked fresh on the premises every day, using only traditional ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast and salt. That’s it. So you can be certain the baguette you order with your soup, salad or sandwich is fresh and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Because of this, they will go stale fairly quickly, so you must enjoy them right away.

Do you know why the baguettes are like slender loaves?

If you’ve ever wondered how the baguette got its distinctive shape, wonder no more: traditionally, loaves of light, crusty French bread were baked in a round shape, but later the law was changed to prohibit French bakers from working between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. This, of course, made it impossible to prepare sufficient fresh loaves in time for breakfast. The solution was to create a long, slender loaf (baguette actually means “wand”) that would bake relatively quickly and satisfy even the demanding tastes of the French.

I love french baguettes!

French baguettes have an almost infinite range of varieties and uses; the simplest and most obvious, of course, is simply to enjoy them plain or toasted, with butter or jam. They are perfect with cheeses or pâtés, dunked into soup or coffee, or with a fresh salad. The baguette’s moist, yeasty flavor is perfect for creating classic French sandwiches as well. Maison Parisienne’s baguettes are a delight for the eye, the nose, and of course the mouth. Bon appetít!