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The Chicagoan’s Guide to Dining in Paris

What’s even better than eating at a French restaurant in Chicago? Eating at one in Paris, of course. Caution: once you eat at Maison Parisienne, you may want to immediately book a trip to France. Here are some dining-out tips to help you out once you’re there:

- Chicagoans who are used to having a fantastic array of restaurants open nearly round the clock may be surprised to find that French restaurants typically serve lunch only from approximately 12:00-2:30 p.m., and dinner from about 7:30-11:00 p.m.

Quiche makes you manly

“Real men don’t eat quiche,” the American saying goes. Actually it’s not so much a saying as it is the title of a book published in 1982, which originated the stereotype of quiche as a fancy or “feminine” food. Authentic French quiche knows no boundaries of gender or politics, however, and we present here a brief list of some of the most famous (and manly) men in history who have eaten quiche:

An American’s guide to French restaurants

When you imagine dining in a French restaurant, do you picture a fancy place with expensive, difficult-to-pronounce food, served by snooty waiters who judge you? Anyone who’s traveled to France can tell you that the experience of eating in a French restaurant in the U.S. is very different from dining in a genuine restaurant in France. Here we will offer you a few tips to help American travelers feel more at home when enjoying an authentic French dining experience:

Macaroons and more

When most Americans hear the word “macaroons,” they may typically think of the chewy clusters of shredded coconut commonly sold in stores and restaurants. The fact is that almost every country in the world has its own version of the macaroon. French macaroons, however, are clearly the best. For the sake of this post, we will refer to them by the English word, although the correct term in French is macaron. But don’t worry – at Maison Parisienne, you can order them in whichever language you want.

French restaurants are right at home in Chicago.

Chicago’s French restaurants are justly famous (although some are disappointed to learn that “Chez Quis,” the restaurant in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, is fictitious). Many people think that eating French haute cuisine is a complicated and stuffy experience that can intimidate even the most seasoned restaurant-goers. But in fact, French people often prefer a more relaxed environment with casual yet delicious fare such as crepes, sandwiches, quiche, salads and pastries…all of which you can order at Maison Parisienne! We offer an atmosphere of a typical Paris café, without the stiff formality, complex etiquette, or high prices of a typical French restaurant.

Chicago has a rich history of French cultural influence.

What else do Paris and Chicago have in common besides delicious French food?

A strong sense of community: Both the Windy City and the City of Light have a unique vibe that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Residents of both cities are extremely proud of their culture, history, art, language and . They also face similar misconceptions: many tourists are surprised to find that Parisians are quite friendly, or that Chicago is a safe, welcoming place for families to visit. And of course, both cities offer a variety of French food, wine, and other Francophile pleasures.