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There’s just nothing like French cheese, bread, wine, charcuterie, patisserie...

but where can you find all of these in one place without going to France? Look no further than the West Loop right here in Paris’s sister city! Chicago’s French market gathers dozens of vendors from throughout the city and suburbs into a proudly European-style venue that’s indoors and open year-round.

It’s time to play "Chicago or Paris?"

Test your knowledge of french chicago by guessing the answers to the following two questions:
  • Where can you get fresh, delicious, traditionally-made baguettes, pastries, quiches, sandwiches, and classic entrees like boeuf bourguignon?
  • Where can you visit the museum that users rated the number-one museum in the world?

Believe it or not, one of most famous French phrases in the world – bon appétit – is surrounded by controversy.

While many people (even in France) will set food before guests with a hearty wish for a “good appetite,” a few stuffy holdouts feel that using this phrase indicates poor manners. Unless you’re dining with diplomats, it shouldn’t be a problem - and we at Maison Parisienne will wish you a hearty “Bon appétit!” as you dig in to your meal.

Taste the world at the Taste of Chicago

Chicago is a city of year-round events – more than 400 in total - but summertime is when the city truly comes alive. There really are almost too many activities to count: arts and culture festivals, food fairs, and of course, music. Any one of these is an excellent way to sample Chicago’s diversity and zest for life…but since you can’t go to all 400, which ones will you choose?

The world of French pastries is a magical, complex, and sometimes overwhelming.

When you enter Maison Parisienne in search of the best French pastries in Chicago, you may be amazed at the amazing things that can be accomplished with butter, flour, sugar and eggs (plus a few extras). Here’s a guide to memorize so that you can sound smart and impress your friends when you stop into Maison Parisienne for a snack.

When you think of French bread, do you think of the long, smooth golden loaves with a light, fluffy white inside?

American Bread If your concept of French bread looks like this, that’s a sure sign you’ve never had an authentic French baguette. While the above is the most common version of French bread you are likely to find in American supermarkets, the long slender loaves worthy of the name “French baguette” are much different.

Which is better for you, coffee or tea? Both contain that life-giving essence called caffeine, although the debate about caffeine’s benefits and risks has raged for centuries.

King Gustav III of Sweden was so convinced of the dangers of coffee that he devised an experiment which probably would not pass review today: he ordered that one condemned prisoner drink three pots of coffee every day, and another drink three pots of tea. He expected that the coffee drinker would die first, proving that tea was the far less dangerous beverage.