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Author: Maison Parisienne

Chicago has a rich history of French cultural influence.

What else do Paris and Chicago have in common besides delicious French food?

A strong sense of community: Both the Windy City and the City of Light have a unique vibe that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Residents of both cities are extremely proud of their culture, history, art, language and . They also face similar misconceptions: many tourists are surprised to find that Parisians are quite friendly, or that Chicago is a safe, welcoming place for families to visit. And of course, both cities offer a variety of French food, wine, and other Francophile pleasures.

Enjoy French cuisine anywhere, anytime

“French food to go” may seem contradictory, since many classic French dishes are anything but “fast food.” Some take many hours to prepare (though only minutes to devour). But now you can enjoy French cuisine from Maison Parisienne anytime, anywhere! Grab a carryout bowl of our delicious boeuf bourguignon or rich cassoulet to take home (or to work, or on a picnic) It’s the best French food to go in Chicago!

Quiche: classic French cuisine for every taste

Quiche is perhaps the most popular type of savory French tart, consisting of eggs, cream, and almost literally anything else you want. The mixture is poured into a freshly-made pastry shell and baked into a firm, silky custard that is delicious eaten hot or cold. A thick slice of Maison Parisienne’s classic French quiche is an ideal choice for brunch, lunch, or supper (or all three!)

French baguettes are a classic addition to any meal

A French baguette is so much more than just bread – it’s a masterpiece of ingredients, craftsmanship, and timing. At Maison Parisienne, our baguettes are baked fresh on the premises every day, using only traditional ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast and salt. That’s it. So you can be certain the baguette you order with your soup, salad or sandwich is fresh and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Because of this, they will go stale fairly quickly, so you must enjoy them right away.

If you need a quick breakfast or lunch on the go, a croissant is the most delicious (and most traditionally French) choice.

The possibilities for croissant fillings are almost endless: cheese, ham, spinach, apples, almonds, jam, raisins, or chocolate. This latter, known as pain au chocolat, is one of Maison Parisienne’s house specialties. And of course, a classic French croissant can also be enjoyed plain, or perhaps spread with just a bit of jam. The French see no need to put butter on croissants (although Maison Parisienne has no rule against this). The buttery, flaky layered pastry is perfect on its own.

Chicago: a great place to enjoy French food and culture

If you’re looking for a literal taste of France, Maison Parisienne is the best place to find authentic French food, from cassoulet to simple crepes. But if you want a taste of French history, art and culture, Chicago has plenty more to offer. Remember that exploring a big city like Chicago is hungry work; you may even wish to pack a lunch and some snacks from Maison Parisienne. Our selection of French salads, sandwiches, quiches, crepes and pastries are a great way to sustain yourself in between viewing the French Impressionism collection at the Art Institute in the morning, watching a French film festival in the afternoon, and hearing a French symphony in the evening.

French cuisine has been popular in America longer than you may think

You’ll find plenty of French cuisine Chicago, along with lots of other French influences. These range from the names of Chicago’s streets and suburbs (LaSalle, Calumet, Joliet) to its amazing collection of French Impressionism at the Art Institute. And if you’re looking to taste a little bit of French culture while you’re exploring Chicago’s French roots, Maison Parisienne is a great place to start (or end) your day.

These light, flavorful cookies come in a rainbow of colors and flavors

At Maison Parisienne, we pride ourselves on our pastries, and none more so than our authentic French macarons. These are not the familiar pre-packaged cookies you may be familiar with; genuine French macarons are delicious concoctions of egg white and sugar that melt in your mouth, with a variety of different fillings sandwiched in between.

Dress your crepes up or down for a taste of genuine French cuisine any time of the day.

Crepes - thin, crisp and delicious - are an essential part of French cuisine. In France you will find them everywhere, from elegant restaurants to simple street stalls. Although the French typically eat crepes in the afternoons and evenings, Americans have recognized that they are the perfect food for any meal; have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply as a snack. Start your day with a simple crepe with sugar, butter or fruit.